Spiritual Yoga Allaince(SYA) provides franchise to open yoga school across the world. SYA will firstly ensures that the school to be registered meets all the demands as per the rules of selection committee.

Certain benefits provided by SYA to the franchise holders:

1.Spiritual Yoga alliance will provide well experienced teachers to the franchise branch for free for the first session only.

2.A complete set of study material will be provided by SYA for free.

3.An affiliated Certificate from SYA would be given to each student.

4.If the organization wish to visit India and our Organization then special visit to TAJ MAHAL( one of the seven wonders of the world) and HARIDWAR (one of the seven holiest places to Hindus) would be provided from our side without charging any cost.

5.Additional knowledge of Naturopathy, Acupressure and meditation would be given by our teachers without anty additional charge.

Certain rules to be followed by the franchise:

1.The franchise is given to open one school only.You are not allowed to open no. of schools with one registered certificate.

2.If the Company wishes to open more branches than seperate franchise is required for each branch.

3.The franchise branch cannot surpass the Teachers send by SYA.

4.The franchise is not allowed to give any personal salary to the teachers send by SYA.

5.If the franchise branch wish to hire teachers from our institute after the first session given by SYA.Two teachers will be send from our side, one for the practical classes and another for the theory whose fees would be charged by the respective franchise branch.

6.If the branch is having their own teachers then the teachers should have well experience in Yoga.The branch have to submit the educational details of each teacher teaching in the school to SYA Authorities.

7.If the branch wishes to provide certificate to their students from SYA then per students charges would be charged.

8.An Inspection team will keep a regular check on the schools before giving the franchise to any school.The team will keep an eye on the branch to ensure that the branch is functioning in a proper way and is meeting all the demands.

9.Each year the best school award will be given the school for best performance and special benefits would be given to the winning branch/school.

List of Your Yoga Schools

  1. Lucia yoga -Argentina ( Buenos aires)
  2. Laura@yoga ( Rosario) Argentina
  3. Dallas yoga USA
  4. Powerful yoga centre by kelvin (USA)
  5. Philadelphia traditional yoga ( Philadelphia USA)
  6. Alex yoga (Ireland)
  7. Zackk@yoga( reading UK)
  8. Yoga by Dante ( Montreal Canada)
  9. Starr yoga classes ( Egypt Cairo)
  10. Yoga by pie ( Minnesota USA)
  11. Michigen's yoga studio( michegen USA)
  12. German's yoga (Germany)
  13. Yoga by Jacob ( Norway)
  14. Archie's yoga ( Sweden)
  15. Ruby's yoga ( Italy)
  16. Unnati Education and Welfare Society(Lucknow India)

Note: Payumoney payment getaway use only for Indian


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piritual Yoga Allaince(SYA) provides franchise to open yoga school across the world. SYA will firstly ensures that the school to be registered meets all the demands as per the rules of selection committee.

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