• High Blood Pressure

    High Blood Pressure is the most common disease found nowadays in which blood flows through arteries at higher rate than normal pressures. Cause of High Blood pressure 1. Increase in salt intake 2. Abnormality of...

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  • Yoga for Low Blood Pressure

    Low blood pressure is a type of disease in which blood flows through arteries at a very low rate than normal pressures Cause of Low Blood Pressure 1. Hormonal disbalance 2. Pregnancy 3. Over-the-counter medications...

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  • Yoga For Cervical Spondylitis

    The main cause of cervical spondylitis is the stiffness in backbone and neck for a long period of time. Pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders which causes headache are the symptoms of cervical spondylitis....

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  • Yoga For Diabetes

    Diabetes is the most common disease seen in today’s world which is effecting the people of all age groups ranging from 33-65years of age and nowadays it is also seen in small children also. Diabetes...

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  • Yoga For Arthritis

    Swelling , pain and inflammation etc. in the joints is called Arthritis. Joints of hands and legs are kinds of synovial joints. It is one of the common disease found which makes the body paralyzed....

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  • Yoga for Constipation

    Due to sedentary lifestyle constipation, indigestion have become a part of life of most of the people these days .Due to inappropriate treatment of this problem people suffer from constipation till months and years. Due...

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  • Yoga For Thyroid

    Many of us have seen people with extreme high energy and their ability to do work is really high whereas on the other hand there are some people who are very lethargic and find it...

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  • Yoga for Headache

    One of the most common disease found in this fast growing world. Headache can be of many types which may include chronic headache, acute headache which may leads to fatigue, epilepsy and unconsciousness sometimes which...

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  • Yoga for weight loss

    If you want to reduce your weight naturally, so start doing Yoga daily for minimum 30 Minutes. Yoga Asanas for weight loss:- 10 times Surya Namaskara (salutations to the sun), Pada Sanchalanasana (cycling),padachakrasana (leg rotation),...

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  • Yoga for Bronchitis

    Yoga is the science of good living. It works on all aspects of the person i.e physical , mental and spiritual training which benefit the people of all ages. It involves Yoga Asanas ,Pranayama,mudra,bandha,shatkarma and...

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  • Yoga for Sciatica Pain

    A particular kind of pain in the leg associated with the disease or injury of the intervertebral disc. It is usually felt as a pain which runs down the leg, beginning from the buttock then...

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  • Yoga for Back Pain

    An irritation or problem which causes lower back pain and/or pain that radiates to other parts of the body is referred to as Back Pain. Pain from resultant lower back muscle spasm can be severe...

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