Good Health Yoga was established in India. An Institution specially designed to practice Yoga and propagate the richness and benefits of yoga to the whole world. It is specially for all the tourists coming to visit India. keeping this point in consideration it is located in the Heart of the country DELHI. This school took franchise from Spiritual yoga Alliance on 15 march 2013.

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DSC_3318 Spiritual Yoga Alliance:

1.Conducts daily yoga classes to all who have some kind of health problems and to those who just want to stay fit.

2.Consultation to all the students who are suffering from various health issues due to their sedentary lifestyle.

3. Conducted various teacher training courses in collaboration with Spiritual Yoga Alliance.

4. Managed Retreat yoga classes to those tourists who want to do Yoga along with their tour to India. Spiritual Yoga Alliance gave the tourists a participation certificate and helped the school to manage their visit to Taj Mahal.

5. Conducted Corporate Yoga Classes in different Corporates situated within Delhi and in NCR.

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