High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is the most common disease found nowadays in which blood flows through arteries at higher rate than normal pressures. Cause of High Blood pressure 1. Increase in salt intake 2. Abnormality of the arteries which results in an increased resistance in the...
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Yoga For Cervical Spondylitis

The main cause of cervical spondylitis is the stiffness in backbone and neck for a long period of time. Pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders which causes headache are the symptoms of cervical spondylitis. The pain radiates from shoulders to the hands if it pertains for a long period of time. Movement of neck...
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Yoga For Diabetes

Diabetes is the most common disease seen in today’s world which is effecting the people of all age groups ranging from 33-65years of age and nowadays it is also seen in small children also. Diabetes Millets is a metabolism related disorder in which cells becomes inactive to digest glucose produced in the body and it is...
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