FAST YOGA situated in Lucknow U.P (India). An institute that has an aim to provide benefit to people of every society whether they are farmers, housewives, students and to old people aswell.Fast yoga added into the list of Franchise of Spiritual Yoga Alliance on 5th October 2014.
Contribution of Fast yoga in the field of Yoga under the guidance of Spiritual Yoga Alliance:

1.Fast Yoga conducts daily yoga classes .

2.Provides health consultation to all students who are suffering from various kinds of health issues.

3.Provides deep knowledge of yoga aasanas and meditation.

4. Have conducted various teacher training courses from time to time to all those who wish to persue their career in the field of Yoga. This course helped the students a lot because after the completion of this course the students gets an affiliated certificate from Spiritual Yoga Alliance which help them to practice Yoga and to open up their own school across the world.

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