Spiritual yoga alliance makes good yoga teacher by yoga teacher training course in India.
We are organized Yoga teacher training course in india . Our traget is best yoga teacher provided all world .
  • Yoga Teacher Training Coures

    Our mission is to emancipate students and communities through Yoga. By emancipating these practices our students are discovering that anything is possible...

  • Yoga For Disease

    If you are ill any disease than you can solve your problem by Yoga with our qualified yoga instructor.

  • Retreat Yoga

    Retreat yoga is that yoga which provides you some sessions of yoga along with your visit to India. Spiritual yoga alliance provides Retreat yoga .

  • Corporate Yoga

    Every Organization wants their employee to be fit, mentally and physically both but the story is quite different. Most of the employees are suffering from some or the other kind of stress and strain due to their sedentary lifestyle,odd working hours and tough competition.

The word ‘YOGA’comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which means to yoke the spirit and physical body together. Patanjali’s famous definition of yoga is “yogas chitta vritti nirodhah”, which means “Yoga is the removal of all the fluctuations within the mind”. In pursuit of a stable mind, body and spirit one practice the art of yoga. Though Yoga is a part of our ancient heritage but it has great use in our modern lifestyle which is full of turmoil. Each one of us seeks happiness in things which are very short lived and is just like a desert mirage which keeps on running away from us. Yoga helps us to calm our imbalanced mind and shows us the path to attain eternal bliss which will be devoid of anxiety. With this objective in mind we Spiritual Yoga Alliance aims to share and promote “the science of yoga” to all those students who are keen to understand and imbibe the key to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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